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We pay attention to our quality products in the production farm because Frigorífico Alberdi SA selects animals that are fed in large extensions of natural pastures where they are able to walk and eat. The enterprise works with British and Indian breed cattle, which have extraordinarily adapted to this countryside.

Not only are we producers, but we also buy livestock from cattle farmers that share our philosophy and produce animals that offer tender, tasteful and healthy meat. These cattle farmers are located a few kilometers away from the slaughter plant, within an area that includes the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Santa Fe y Buenos Aires.

Direct cattle commercialization with our enterprise has many advantages:

• It improves commercialization conditions, accordingly reducing indirect expenses on both sides.
• It avoids unnecessary cattle movement and improves animal’s welfare conditions.

• We offer the best prices in the market for animals grown under strict sanitation controls.

• It improves communication because we share our knowledge and technical information.

• In Frigorífico Alberdi, we generate a relationship that goes beyond the purely commercial bounds.

• It provides counseling for the production in specific markets, for animal welfare rules and for the qualifications producers wish to achieve.

All producers can contact our enterprise in order to offer their animals. They will find a group of people in the best conditions and will receive the maximum benefits available.
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