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The prevailing meat produce systems in Argentina are based on the direct utilization of pastures, forage from cultivated pastures, natural grazing lands and seasonal grown green lands.

Meat from Argentina, exclusively produced on the basis of a pasture-diet, or pasture with certain levels of strategic dietary supplements, is a natural produce containing almost no impure matter; it is a produce of high nutritional and sensorial quality, source of proteins of high biological value, vitamins and minerals, with low levels of intramuscular and saturated fats, low levels of cholesterol, high content of omega-3 fat acids, an appropriate balance of omega-3 and omega-6
fat acids, and a very high concentration of conjugated linoleum acid. Many of these characteristics are accentuated in ecological production systems, which employ cultural, biological and mechanical methods in comparison to the use of synthetic materials.

It is believed that in the next years developed countries’ demands will increase present tendencies towards foodstuffs with top-level sensorial characteristics, considering nutritional and innocuousness aspects, presentation, time of preparation, and making sure the production process shows concern about ethics (animal suffering) and the environment.
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